Brandywine Photonics Building

Brandywine Photonics Facility in Exton, PA

Brandywine Photonics LLC  provides next-generation hyperspectral solutions to Earth Sciences, Tactical, Commercial, Civilian Government, Materials Classification and Medical Imaging applications worldwide.

Brandywine Photonics was founded in 1999 by John Fisher, a Senior Optical Engineer with more than 10 years of experience, at the time, designing and building hyperspectral sensors and instruments. His vision was, and still is, to meet the highly-specialized optical needs of the Earth Sciences, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and Machine Vision communities.

When you work with Brandywine Photonics, you work closely with company founder, John Fisher. From concept to proposal and from design to manufacture, John is your primary point of contact. John is supported by a team of highly talented engineers, scientists, business and production personnel who collaboratively work to ensure that each unit shipped meets customers’ demanding specifications.

Our mission is to develop the most technologically-advanced instruments for science exploration and the better understanding of our planet as well as innovative new tools to equip those protecting and serving our country with leading-edge vision detection systems.

Hyperspectral Imaging for Remote Sensing & ISR

Expresso 13

EXPRESSO™ 13 Processing Module

Brandywine Photonics is a leading manufacturer of next generation Offner and Dyson spectrometers for Earth Sciences, ISR and Machine Vision, and is a certified distributor of real-time hyperspectral imaging software, EXPRESSO 13. We deliver total integrated hyperspectral sensor and data processing solutions, providing application engineers and scientists with the highest quality instruments for their toughest hyperspectral imaging challenges.

Our expertise in hyperspectral imagers, CMOS image sensors, and SWIR FPA’s for the collection and analysis of remote sensing data has proven invaluable in ground-based, persistent surveillance, wide area airborne surveillance, and satellite remote sensing. Hyperspectral imaging, also called spectral imaging, has been proven successful in IED detection (disturbed soil detection), mineral prospecting, ocean color measurement, and aerial surveying. Our wide array of instruments and component technologies include:

•  VNIR Spectrometers
•  SWIR Spectrometers
•  LWIR Spectrometers
•  All-reflective, Wide Field of View Telescopes
•  UV Resonant Raman Spectrometers
•  Science CMOS Image Sensors
•  Real-time Hyperspectral Processing using GPU’s

If you would like to talk to one of our engineers or scientists, or would like pricing for a specific solution, please call 484-459-9589 or e-mail us today. We look forward to serving your optical system and software needs today.