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“A monolithic 640 × 512 CMOS imager with high-NIR sensitivity”
Paper 9070-2
Author(s): Stefan C. Lauxtermann, Sensor Creations, Inc. (United States); John Fisher, Brandywine Photonics, LLC (United States); Michael H. MacDougal, Attollo Engineering, LLC (United States)

Remote sensing, biomedical and machine vision applications in the wavelength range up to 1100 nm can usually not be served by mainstream silicon sensors and the choice until now has been fully depleted (FD) CCDs or hybrid FPAs with inherent drawbacks like limited data bandwidth, large pixels and high readout noise. To solve this problem, we have developed a monolithic, fully depleted backside illuminated imager with 15 micron pixel pitch and VGA resolution on high resistivity silicon. The imager has high broadband quantum efficiency and supports frame rates up to 1000Hz. Latest results from packaged image sensors are presented here.