Brandywine Photonics Announces New Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

Brandywine Photonics Announces New Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Press Release

Brandywine Photonics LLC, a U.S. based manufacturer of spectrometers for hyperspectral remote sensing applications and CMOS image sensors, is proud to announce a new distributor for their products in Australia and New Zealand, Applied Infrared Sensing.

“Australia represents a strong growth market in the mineral exploration and environmental remote sensing arenas,” says Mr. John Fisher, President of Brandywine Photonics. “We are delighted that Applied Infrared Sensing has the technical understanding and hands-on experience required to meet the increasing demands for compact hyperspectral advanced imaging and CMOS image sensors in that part of the world.”

Dmitri Ishchenko, Director of Applied Infrared Sensing, says, “Our Sales and Support experience in the Research and Development markets of Australia and New Zealand combined with the hyperspectral imaging innovation and expertise of Brandywine Photonics is a win-win for our clients.  Our preliminary research indicates strong interest and good prospects.”

About Brandywine Photonics

Founded in 1999 by Mr. Fisher, Brandywine Photonics offers optical design, opto-mechanical design, system engineering, detector fabrication and algorithms development for a wide range of applications ranging from geology and earth science to defense and disaster relief.

Their product line, Compact Hyperspectral Advanced Imagers (CHAI™), consists of push broom (passive) and grating-based spectrometers individually configured with fore-optics, data acquisition, and GPS/INS modules. Each unit is built to spec and can be configured for flight, tripod, or laboratory use, depending on the application.

Noteworthy optical systems built by Brandywine Photonics include the Hyperspectral Imaging Coastal Observer (HICO), the UAV Capable Hyperspectral Imager (MicroSHINE) and the MX-20SW Spectrometer.

For additional information on Brandywine Photonics, its products or services, please contact John Fisher at 484-459-9589.